Mirror, Mirror

Some days it feels like my mirrors are slightly different. Almost like they were taken from a funhouse and put into place, just to play tricks on me. In one storefront reflection I’m looking trim and the next I’m not. So, which reflection is the real reflection? Which one is actually what I look like? What do other people see when they look at me? Does it even matter?

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Let's get down to the core of it

I'm working on core stability with high plank and pike combo on a bosu and stability ball. Both pieces of equipment are throwing off my balance so much that my core is forced to work overtime to stop me from falling over. Crunches, back extensions, planks, mountain climbers, bicycles are all amazing ways to strengthen your core.

Building up core muscles is key to:
.reducing back pain
.improving posture
.making day to day activities easier
.improving athletic abilities

In the summer I absolutely love stand up paddle boarding. It requires a ton of core strength to stop you from getting wet! #healthyintoronto

Here's a quick 10 minute core workout that you can do pretty much anywhere.

30s: Bicycles
30s: Forward plank with hip dips
30s: Sit ups
30s: Back extensions
30s: Side Plank hold
30s: Side Plank hold
1 Min: Mountain climbers


Mountain Climbers - Keep your bum down!

Mountain climbers are a top go to exercise for my clients. The reason is that you're getting your entire body involved and at the same time, getting your heart rate up.

A common mistake with mountain climbers is letting your bum creep up in the air. The reason this happens is because your brain is saying "My core is tired, I'm going to take some of the work away from it", so your bum goes up in the air to give your core a break. Buuuutttt, your body is like "No, please let me strengthen your core".  Like with most exercise related things, you need to fight your brain and let your body (that's more than capable of doing the work) do the work. Mind over matter. So, drop your hips down so that you have a nice straight spine. The other reason your bum might be in the air is because your shoulders aren't directly over top of your wrists. You may just need to shift your body forward and your bum will come down with that movement.

This video highlights a common way I see people doing mountain climbers and how to adjust your body so that you have correct form.


If you want to step up your climbing game. Try some of these variations that are throwing off your balance, forcing your core to work even harder.