I am a mobile personal trainer, which means that I come to you. You no longer have to worry about traveling to the gym (no more streetcars, no paying for parking, no rushing out the door). You name the location (home, office etc.) and I'll bring the small amount of equipment required to have a fun yet fierce workout.

Whether you're looking to get stronger, faster, increase endurance or looking for a full lifestyle overhaul - I've got you covered.

A lifestyle overhaul is totally doable with dedication and a lot of support. Let's say you're exercising 3 times a week for an hour (good for you!). That means that there are still165 hours in your week that you're not spending in the gym with your trainer, and it's those hours that are the most important. We'll go through everything from portion size to recipe ideas so that things don't get boring. Small changes over time create a new lifestyle. No diets, just dedication.

Now Offering Online Training! 

Get your personal training sessions accomplished from the comfort of your living room via Skype or Facetime. You can be in the comfort of your own home with whatever equipment you may or may not have. I'll design a training session that works for your needs and I'll be watching you the whole way through to make sure you have proper form to get the most from each exercise. Prices vary depending on what type of program you would like, email me to chat more!

Personal Training (1 on 1)

Making major or even minor lifestyle changes doesn't happen overnight. It's great to have a coach in your corner holding you accountable to the goals that you WILL achieve. It's my job to build a fitness program that works within the demands of your daily life.

1 HOUR SESSIONS: By purchasing a package you not only save a lot of money, you also make a commitment to follow through on your goals. 

1 = $100

6 = $510  - $85 each session  ($90 Savings)

12 = $960 - $80 each session ($240 Savings)



1 = $90

6 = $450 - $75 each session ($90 Savings)

12 = $840 - $70 each session ($240 Savings)

Small Group Training (2 -3)

Group support is such a beautiful thing. You get to cheer each other on and motivate one another and have a bit of healthy competition that drives each of you forward. By limiting the group to 2-3 people it allows me to create a program that will work for each person on an individual level while still having a support group.

Ask for pricing. Pricing is determined by clients specific requests.

Private Group Fitness (6 or more)

This is a great option to bond with co-workers or a group of friends. Switch up the regular routine of dinner and drinks and spend some time cheering each other on while sweating it out. This will relieve stress and re-align the mind.

Ask for pricing. Pricing is determined by clients specific requests. 

Elle Fitness and Social

If you prefer a gym atmosphere, I also teach group classes and offer personal training through Elle. Elle is located at 580 King St. W (At King St. W and Portland St.)For more information on their prices, please visit them here.